Supply Chain Management for eCom & Import Businesses

SCM solutions for businesses working with Chinese suppliers

Importing from China sometimes presents inconsistencies that can have a significant impact on your business.
And without a team being physically present, the risk is higher.
We are here to be an extension of your business and help you get exceptional results from your Chinese suppliers.We will represent you in every aspect of the process in China to mitigate errors and strengthen ties with your suppliers.



1) Vet suppliers in China who match your requirements and can deliver products at the expected cost, quality, and time.2) Supplier due diligence, including conducting background checks, product certificates, legal documents, and more.3) Set up the necessary conditions, such as legal agreements and payment terms.


1) Supplier management, working on your behalf in China with your suppliers to ensure your project runs smoothly.2) Provide your team with a weekly order status report.3) Plan ahead with your team for inventory re-stock and possible supply chain improvements.


1) Perform a pre-shipment inspection per order according to your product standards.2) Address and improve any quality issues with the manufacturer.


1) Check the best cost-effective solution to import your order on time.2) Provide complete certification for a successful customs clearance.3) Optimize packaging, container space, and lead times.


Supply Chain Consistency

That Earn Us Clients Like

OOO PT G. - Eastern Europe

Monthly order management for a wholesale distributor

Order Management:
- Process payments to suppliers.
- Assist in communication & aftersale service.
- Monitor production status and quality.
- Organize domestic export documents.
Logistics: Coordinate with the destination customs broker the deliveries via sea freight, rail or road.

K. P. - North America

Recurring packaging order management for an e-commerce brand

Order Management:
- Process payments to suppliers.
- Assist in communication & after-sales service.
- Monitor production status and quality.
Quality Control:
- Pre-shipment inspection.
Logistics: Plan with the logistic agent the deliveries via sea or air freight.

O. Holland - Europe

Delivering seasonal marketing supplies

Procurement: Media supplier at the target price, quantity and lead time.Order Management & Logistics:
- Organize delivery to several provinces in Mainland China.
- Assisting in communication between client & supplier.

F. Sabores - South America

Monthly pre-shipment inspections

Quality Control:
- Inspections are made on-site under the customer's AQL standards.
Order Management: Supervise and assist in communication between client & manufacturer.


  • We listen to and understand your needs, develop tailored solutions and defend your best interests at all times.

  • We focus on long-term value rather than one-time services.

  • Propose corrective actions instead of passively passing information.

  • Projects managed by a team, not relying on a single agent.

Get The Quality Your Company & Customers Deserve With Consistent Supply Chain Management

Book A China Import Solution Session


Where are you located?PR China, Guangdong Province, Qingyuan City, Qingcheng District, Lianjiang Road no.55, City Garden.Do you have a business and export license? Can I have a copy?Yes, we have and can send you a copy over e-mail.Which industries do you specialize in?We have experience with products from multiple industries. But we specialize in:- Cork products.- Industrial and Automotive Tapes.- Industrial and Commercial Machinery including Accessories and Spare PartsWhat does the process of working with you look like?a. Discovery Call: to know if your business needs our services.b. Strategy Call: to show the solution strategy we’ve built for you.c. Onboard: confirm conditions.d. Service Fulfillment:1- Procurement
2- Confirm production sample & order.
3- Supply Chain planning.
4- Order management.
5- Pre-shipment inspection.
6- Send the goods and all documentation needed for customs clearance.
7- Supply Chain Review.
My team is already managing the suppliers and just need assistance with Shipping and Inspection Services. Is that possible?Yes. Book a call with us to see how we can help you.What’s your fee structure?Flat fee for starters and specific projects. Or negotiable percentage commission-based, ranging from 1% to 10%.If I keep re-ordering the same products from the same supplier, will I pay less for your services after?After a consistent annual purchase, yes. We will negotiate better prices and payment terms with the supplier as well.

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